How to start on your barefoot journey

It isn’t difficult! Just Follow our steps!
Do your research on barefoot horse keeping, make use of our articles section, learn what a truly healthy hoof is and how its achieved. Diet, Trim, Stimulus!
Adjust diet to high fibre, low sugar and starch. improve environment if possible, treat any visible infection in the hooves
Choose the right time to remove shoes as for some horses transition can take a while
Get in touch with us, and we can help you on your journey to barefoot soundness!
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We’ll teach you how to get rock crunching sound barefoot hooves and improve your horses athletic capabilities!

The horse has the innate ability to heal himself provided the environment is conducive. With the right nutrition, trim and stimulus you can achieve truly healthy hooves that can cope with the demands of domestication and riding ! (See inset right video, barefoot gallop on old harrys rocks, Dorset)

Hoofcare Video Lessons can be found here

Good day despite the rain, ponies had their visit from Sorcha their own Equine podiatrist and pedicure lady. All behaved really well and enjoy their treatments.''

Becky, Bradford
Becky, Bradford, W Yorks

Sorcha is patient and kind with our older horse major, he used to have horribly flared and flat feet that cracked and chipped away. With the Applied Equine Podiatry method his hooves have improved no end developing big healthy frogs and thick crack free walls.''

Emma, Leeds
Emma Rogers, Leeds, W Yorks

Applied equine podiatry is empowering for us owners who really want to be involved with our horses hoof health, watching the improvements is rewarding and addictive. With my trimmers support and advice I feel confident I am doing the best for my horse.”

Irine Gosh
Irine Gosh, Halifax, W Yorks
Our Services, products and Prices
Holistic Consultation
We asses the health of the hooves , discuss diet, environment, what to expect when going shoe-less for the first time and how to prepare.   Consultation – Free          20  mile radius.           20 – 30 miles £5        30 – 50 miles £10
High Performance Trim Method
A Typical visit includes noting horses history, body score, gait analysis, health scoring of the feet with the spectrum of usability. The High Performance trim is then applied if necessary
Complimentary Holistic Therapies
Acupressure, T Touch, Meridian release, Equine yoga/ stretching, Kinetic Taping, Equine Breathing therapy. Use of the equine breather mask. 30 – 45 min session, Homeopathy  guidance
Hellios Pet Homeopathics Kits
The Helios Pet Kit Covers a wide range of minor ailments and first aid situations for all your animals. There is a free booklet available with every kit introducing you to homeopathy for your pets